These events are generally only open to  co-counselors who have completed CCI Fundamentals.


Co-counselors who have been trained in other modalities (not CCI) MAY be able to attend some of these events.
For more information, contact the event organizer, or use this Contact form.


Event Location Date(s) Contact
Basic Gathering -Co-Counselors and those interested in becoming a Co-Counselor This is a space that we intertwine with graduates and with new people…so that everyone gets a chance to speak their thoughts and learn more about the tools taught and being used in CCI. You will get to experience a session and share what’s on your mind and “what’s on top“ and feel lighter when you leave. There is no judgment, no one tells you what you should or shouldn’t do or work on. This is all self-directed.’
Bristol, CT
Every 3rd Wednesday of the Month starting April 19th.
Cheryl Fuller