A Powerful Personal Growth Practice
In-person or Online

In a Co-Counseling session:

You split time with another trained co-counselor.

For half the time, you are the client (or talker), choosing what to explore or process.

The other person is the counselor (or listener), witnessing you with deep attention.

Then the two of you switch roles—it’s a peer process.

What you talk about or do as client is strictly confidential—not even your session partner can bring it up to you outside the session.

Graduates Say:

“My life works when I co-counsel.”

“I learned to cry… AND to laugh… I laugh a lot now.”

“Co-counseling keeps me balanced… what I think of as right-sized.”

“I can say “yes” or “no” as I see fit in any situation now… my choice levels have increased exponentially.”

“It helped me identify what I was doing over and over again that wasn’t working for me anymore.”

“I can speak the truth about how I feel.”

“It’s a way to repair our own hurts, in order to then stand boldly in the world.”

To Get Started:

Arrange for a free introductory session – online, in-person, or via phone.

Take Fundamentals, Part 1 – usually a highly experiential, small group class, 12 to 16 hours, online or in person (if available in your area.)

If you wish to complete Fundamentals, continue with Part 2.

Once you have completed the full Fundamentals, you can co-counsel with other CCI practitioners around the world. You can also attend online or in-person activities and workshops.

If finances are a concern, scholarship assistance is often available for classes or workshops.


Our Community:

CCI co-counselors celebrate the good in ourselves and each other, listen without judgment, and support each other in creating a life—and world—we love.

Many CCI co-counselors live in the Northeast (where CCI-USA began); others live throughout the U.S.

Online classes, gatherings and workshops allow for participation from wherever you live.

In-person gatherings include:

  • Our annual international workshop—typically in New England in the spring)
  • A smaller, weekend workshop in the fall, also in New England.

You can participate with CCI communities around the world, including those based in the United Kingdom, Europe, Israel, and New Zealand.

Founding Principles:

At our core, each of us is inherently good.

Each of us has our own answers within us, along with a wide range of gifts and talents

With deep and caring attention from our session partner, we can:
• Heal past and present hurts.
• Address patterns of behavior that no longer serve us.
• Make intentional changes in our lives and our worlds.


Other types of co-counseling:

CCI was founded in the early 1970s by three people who were originally part of Re-Evaluation Counseling (RC).

RC began in the Seattle area in the 1950s, and is still widely practiced around the world.

Over the years, other groups split off from RC or developed their own co-counseling process.

You can co-counsel effectively with someone trained in another modality, but if you wish to officially participate in another group’s activities, you may be required to go through their own training.